Date:  11/16/2011 04:19:17 PM Msg ID:  004374
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004373
Subject:  Re: trying to upgrade
Previous version licenses can only be upgraded to the same type of license. This means that your version 3 licenses can only be upgraded to two individual 1-virtual host licenses, rather than to a single 2-virtual host license.
Would you like to upgrade them to a single 2-virtual host license, which would save you about $20, but prevent you from splitting them to run on separate servers? If yes, please send us email to and we will provide you with instructions.
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Sent by Steve Moore on 11/16/2011 03:21:39 PM:
 Thank you. I am trying to upgrade the licenses but I am encountering some difficulty. I have three licenses, one for 4 and two for 3.51. I have not used 4x yet.  I need to update the first two licenses in order to make the switch from 3.51-4x. I have one machine running 3 virtuals. When I enter the software keys it says item doesn't match order. I select 1 2 license upgrade for 179$. Am I missing something?
Thanks again for more than 11 years of service.