Date:  11/17/2011 10:42:04 AM Msg ID:  004376
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004375
Subject:  Re: foxpro versions
At present I have vfp9 files but no installer, is the installer necessary, or can I just use the vfp9 files and point foxweb to it? I'm assuming vfp9 would need its registry entries to function properly yes?
And finally, can I keep both 3x and 4x installed on the same machine?
Thanks again.
Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 05:01:54 AM:
 I upgraded from 3x to 4x to run under 2008 rs service. No support for vfp5? Where can I get later versions of vfp? ver 9 changed some underlying routines that handle strings and wont work without requiring me to do do major rewrites unfortunately. I have the vfp 6 libs but not exe. Any ideas? Running 3x under 2008 seems problematic so far. Thanks, and sorry for my repeated inquiries.