Date:  11/17/2011 02:04:51 PM Msg ID:  004377
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004375
Subject:  Re: foxpro versions
FoxWeb 4 installs the VFP 9 Run-Time DLLs, which is all you need on your server. Programs directly referenced in the URL, or called via Server.Execute() are compiled automatically, but all other programs will need to be compiled with the fwAdmin script or the fwCompile object.
Of course all this assumes that you can get your code to run properly with VFP 9. I am not aware of any breaking changes related to string manipulation in VFP 9. What exactly are you referring to?
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Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 10:42:04 AM:
At present I have vfp9 files but no installer, is the installer necessary, or can I just use the vfp9 files and point foxweb to it? I'm assuming vfp9 would need its registry entries to function properly yes?
And finally, can I keep both 3x and 4x installed on the same machine?
Thanks again.
Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 05:01:54 AM:
 I upgraded from 3x to 4x to run under 2008 rs service. No support for vfp5? Where can I get later versions of vfp? ver 9 changed some underlying routines that handle strings and wont work without requiring me to do do major rewrites unfortunately. I have the vfp 6 libs but not exe. Any ideas? Running 3x under 2008 seems problematic so far. Thanks, and sorry for my repeated inquiries.