Date:  11/21/2011 03:34:26 PM Msg ID:  004384
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004375
Subject:  Re: foxpro versions
Although I uncovered some more minor differences in vfp9 libraries regarding declarations of PUBLIC arrays, the differences are largely irrelevant. However, I am having a permissions issue when trying to run foxweb as a service. As a desktop client the scripts run fine. But as a service I get file access denied to virtually everything. All relevant folders are shared with the same administrator priveleges I used to install foxweb. Any ideas on that?
Thanks again for your time. 
Sent by Steve Moore on 11/18/2011 10:39:55 AM:
Well the whole point of this exercise was to increase efficiency and ultimately build a small load balanced web farm. It looks like I may have solved the vfp 9 problem. I am awaiting equipment. I will post back after Ive had a chance to build and test on a new development box.
Thanks again for your help.
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The run-time DLL will definitely not slow down script execution. If anything, there's a good chance you will notice some performance improvements from the switch from VFP 5 to to VFP 9. 
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Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 05:56:43 PM:
the limit of 8k was not there in vfp5, don't think the limit of 8k will affect the server side scripts only other offline stuff, so should work.
doesn't using the run-time dll slow things down? and will this run as service?
testing an install of vfp 9 now in any event, thanks for your help, I'll post again a few days after i've flushed this all out.
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Here's the documentation for FGETS in VFP 9:
FGETS(nFileHandle [, nBytes])
nBytes Specifies the number of bytes FGETS returns. FGETS returns nBytes bytes unless a carriage return is encountered first. FGETS returns data between the starting file-pointer position and the carriage return if a carriage return is encountered within nBytes bytes.

FGETS returns a maximum of 8192 bytes. If you omit nBytes, FGETSreturns 254 bytes by default. 
You don't need to install VFP to run FoxWeb. FoxWeb 4 installs the VFP 9 run-time DLL to run the FoxWeb Control Center, so as long as you select VFP 9 during setup and then enable the Use Run-Time DLL option, you will not need to install a full version of VFP on your server.
  • If you are using the run-time DLL, FoxWeb will only automatically compile programs that are directly referenced in the URL. You will have to use fwAdmin or fwCompile to compile all other programs, such as class libraries and other PRG files referenced by your programs.
  • If you are developing with a different version of VFP, it is strongly recommended that you only copy the PRG and FWX files to your server, so that you can make sure that any FXP files were compiled with the version of VFP that is running on your server. If you try to run an FXP file that was compiled with an older version of VFP you will get unpredictable and strange results.
You cannot have two different versions of FoxWeb installed on the same server at the same time.
I really don't know where you could legally purchase a license of VFP 9, but I have not done any research on this lately. You may want to re-post this question in a discussion board that focuses on VFP.
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Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 05:05:03 PM:
Its been a couple of years since I fooled with it but as I recall the fgets() used to allow strings longer than 256 chrs but that was changed in 9. I don't have a copy of vfp9 installed any more so I can't answer definitively at the moment. I havevfp9 files but not a working installer. Looking into that as well... :(
So if the vfp 9 dlls install with 4x, I just select 9 on install, but doesn't it also ask me to point foxweb config to the vfp.exe? I will just have to test the scripts to see if they break in v9. It may be that it only affects other functions/programs not required by the web delivery scripts.
Also, if I am using on older version to write the code, will foxweb automatically compile the code once placed on the server?
I hope to build a test box to check all this out over the weekend, I will see what happens.
Finally, can I have 3x and 4x installed on the same machine? And any ideas on finding a legit copy of vfp9?
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FoxWeb 4 installs the VFP 9 Run-Time DLLs, which is all you need on your server. Programs directly referenced in the URL, or called via Server.Execute() are compiled automatically, but all other programs will need to be compiled with the fwAdmin script or the fwCompile object.
Of course all this assumes that you can get your code to run properly with VFP 9. I am not aware of any breaking changes related to string manipulation in VFP 9. What exactly are you referring to?
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Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 10:42:04 AM:
At present I have vfp9 files but no installer, is the installer necessary, or can I just use the vfp9 files and point foxweb to it? I'm assuming vfp9 would need its registry entries to function properly yes?
And finally, can I keep both 3x and 4x installed on the same machine?
Thanks again.
Sent by Steve Moore on 11/17/2011 05:01:54 AM:
 I upgraded from 3x to 4x to run under 2008 rs service. No support for vfp5? Where can I get later versions of vfp? ver 9 changed some underlying routines that handle strings and wont work without requiring me to do do major rewrites unfortunately. I have the vfp 6 libs but not exe. Any ideas? Running 3x under 2008 seems problematic so far. Thanks, and sorry for my repeated inquiries.