Date:  01/04/2012 03:31:14 PM Msg ID:  004397
From:  Martin Martin Thread:  004397
Subject:  Save PDF local \"SAVE AS\" extention .FWX
I have a strange problem here with PDF.
I produce a report, the output preview is a pdf preview embaded inside the browser and it work perfectly.
When I try to save the result locally... with right-click pdf option "SAVE AS" the browser (CHROME) give the ".FWX" as the only possible extention.
I try to save it on the desktop and then open it, Adobe said it's not a supported type.?!
I try to change the extention before save it but ...the same error message again... !?.
That was reported by users... and do the same for me on InternetExplorer. 

What do I do wrong here ?
thank you