Date:  01/04/2012 03:59:41 PM Msg ID:  004398
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004397
Subject:  Re: Save PDF local \"SAVE AS\" extention .FWX
There is something wrong with the HTTP headers you are sending back to your browser. Have you tried opening the saved file in a text editor? Does it look like PDF data, or does it contain something else? Is the site accessible outside your firewall? If yes, please provide us with the URL (either by posting it to this forum, or by emailing it to
By the way, Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer. There should be buttons in the bottom right of the page, allowing you to print, save, zoom, etc.
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Sent by Martin Martin on 01/04/2012 03:31:14 PM:
I have a strange problem here with PDF.
I produce a report, the output preview is a pdf preview embaded inside the browser and it work perfectly.
When I try to save the result locally... with right-click pdf option "SAVE AS" the browser (CHROME) give the ".FWX" as the only possible extention.
I try to save it on the desktop and then open it, Adobe said it's not a supported type.?!
I try to change the extention before save it but ...the same error message again... !?.
That was reported by users... and do the same for me on InternetExplorer. 

What do I do wrong here ?
thank you