Date:  02/05/2012 11:49:03 AM Msg ID:  004415
From:  Gary Mattox Thread:  004415
Subject:  Just a general question about FoxWeb
 Okay, I have been developing in FoxPro/VFP since it was FoxBase. This is the first I have seen on FoxWeb. So, here's the question. If I have an application that I want/need to put on the internet. It is written in VFP9, has about 50 forms/programs and 40 dbf's.
Will the forms look the same?
Do you just wrap the app in html and compile through FoxWeb?
In other words what kind of effort will it take?
It would be great to see a FoxWeb app example of a complicated VFP app conversion. Where I could evaluate the effort it would take. And maybe a VFP business app that is "live" on the net.
Finally, what costs would be involved if this is a business app that you sold as a standalone intranet app or as subscription based  on the internet.
Thanks Alot,