Date:  02/29/2012 02:09:13 PM Msg ID:  004421
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004418
Subject:  Re: Question about receiving stream data
The only difference between the two URLs is the host name. Assuming that both host names are served by the same server, there are two possibilities: The problem is related to your Web server configuration, or your FoxWeb configuration.
What exactly do you mean by "page cannot be found"? Is this a 404 error, returned by your web server, or are you getting a "There was an error during the interpretation of your request" error from FoxWeb with a "File 'crg.prg' does not exist" message?
  • 404 error: You probably have two separate sites for and on your web server. Make sure that the latter is configured to run FoxWeb scripts. The problem is probably related to script mapping configuration for the .fwx extension. Preferably this configuration is done at the web server level, rather than being specific to individual web sites.
  • FoxWeb file does not exist error: Make sure that both virtual servers have the same virtual root in the Virtual Servers page of the FoxWeb Control Center. 
For future reference: Please create a new post whenever you ask a new question, rather than replying to a previous, unrelated post. This topic is clearly unrelated to your asp to foxweb conversion question.
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Sent by steve ward on 02/29/2012 01:40:30 PM:
ok i set this up under my virtual domain and server....all worked well....script name was crg.fwx under the E:\inetpub\FoxWeb\Scripts\info
I now want to create a run site...i have created a record in DNS and the web site also set up a new virtual server in foxweb as well but when i post i get page cannot be found
this scrip works Ward&first=Steve&last=Ward&address1=123 here and now&city=Ft Myers&state=FL&zip=33907&phone=987654321
this does not Ward&first=Steve&last=Ward&address1=123 here and now&city=Ft Myers&state=FL&zip=33907&phone=987654321