Date:  04/09/2012 04:15:32 PM Msg ID:  004447
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004424
Subject:  Re: Channel not starting - READCONFIG.FXP
We managed to reproduce the problem and will be releasing a patch shortly. It is caused by the default value of the buffer memory size being too high. You can fix this (even without the patch) by setting the Buffer Memory Size to a smaller value in the FoxWeb Control Center. You may want to experiment with different values, but something between 200MB to 600MB should work great. If you want to research what this setting does, you can read up on VFP's SYS(3050). 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 04/02/2012 09:45:41 AM:
Migrating our server to Windows 2008,

First time i encounter this issue.

Server 2008 R2

I installed IIS
I installed the IIS6 management
I ran the cscript command to enableapponwin64bit etc.. from the dos command and it was successful.

i downloaded fw4 from the website, and ran the setup and installed foxweb to C:\FoxWeb
When i configured FoxWeb, i see the FWStart.Log showing this.
04/02/2012 11:39:55 Error: 11 Message: "Function argument value, type, or count is invalid." Program: "PROCEDURE CLASSCONFIG.READCONFIG FWREADCONFIG.FXP" Line Number: 160 Channel: 1

for all 10 channels.

I uninstalled FoxWeb
Re-Installed it.

I installed it as "Admin" same thing.

how can i resolve this?