Date:  04/12/2012 03:11:12 PM Msg ID:  004456
From:  Martin Martin Thread:  004449
Subject:  Re: Wooohoo.. Free forum written in FoxWeb
Yes I'm interested in it.
but also, if you have some extra time .... can you help me in my project ?
you can contact me directly if you want :

Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 04/09/2012 06:07:34 PM:
A user forum completely written in FoxWeb (along with some javascripts and css) Cool

-uses free tables (but, if you want you can do sql tables i guess.. i just didn't want that)
-5 pages or so (for now) (view forums, view topics, post new topic)
-the way i have it on my server is protected (auth.authenticate)
-uses WYSIWYG editor from tiny_mce

if anyone intrested it, i will zip all the files with instructions.  probably will take you 5 minutes to change some path (to the data folder etc..)

you can do whatever you want with it. free

i know alot of people ask if anyone has a forum for foxweb to be used.. well, here it is..
give it a test drive and let me know what you think.

username: ali
password: ali


Sorry, didn't create a register page
No fancy graphics yet
but, you can do what you want with it if you want the source codes
Might get an error or two (again, i just slapped it arround today)

Everything else should be working.