Date:  05/28/2012 04:33:25 AM Msg ID:  004474
From:  James Williams Thread:  004470
Subject:  Re: Loss of FW channels
We would set between 4 to 10 channels on most of our servers.

On the server that has the most concurrent users we are running 10, normal script execution is about 1 second on this app so more than these number of channels should not be needed.

Before we had this utility we would always add two more channels than needed so that when channels are lost there would be some spares, but this takes up extra resources that should not be needed.
Sent by Grover Lipscomb on 05/26/2012 07:24:49 AM:
Thanks!  I'm curious, since your site is so busy, how many channels do you actually run?
Sent by James Williams on 05/21/2012 09:07:27 AM:
Not sure if everyone gets this problem with lossing channels over time, but I do run some large web apps with lots of third party components and hundreds of concurrent users.

So I thought I would share this little utility, as I use it on serval servers to make sure that all the channels stay active. 

Without it I would have to constantly login to the servers (at least weekly) and restart the foxweb service or try and kill the individual channel process to make sure that FoxWeb is correctly seeing all channels.

The app can be downloaded from the download section of our website: