Date:  06/25/2012 03:05:59 PM Msg ID:  004482
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004481
Subject:  Re: Update database on the fly AJAX-JQuery
AJAX is primarily a client-side technology, implemented in Javascript. The server-side (FoxWeb) code will be almost no different than if the request arrived as a result of a form submission, with the one exception being that the response from the server side script will probably be something other than HTML (typically just a 200 OK status code, or possibly some JSON data).
There are hundreds of excellent blog posts, covering how one would implement AJAX with JQuery, so will not waste time by repeating the same info. Just do a Google search for "jquery ajax example" and look for articles from the last year, as jQuery's AJAX API has changed a bit over time.
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Sent by Greg Wilk on 06/25/2012 01:31:17 PM:
Looking to update data from a database on a html page(.fwx) without refreshing page.  Does anyone have some sample code on how to achieve this.