Date:  07/24/2012 03:12:44 PM Msg ID:  004491
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004489
Subject:  Re: Channel mix up???
 It is absolutely unheard of for FoxWeb channels to get mixed up and send output to the wrong user.  However, we occasionally receive support calls, describing this exact situation.  The vast majority of these cases involved the inappropriate use of public variables, with a few outliers suffering from other issues, specific to other technologies employed at these sites, such as inappropriately configured load balancers.  For details on the use of public variables in FoxWeb, please refer to
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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 07/24/2012 09:51:59 AM:
 I am seeing a strange behavior on one of my client.
they have usre's they use an app that send a small xml to update some tables at the corporate server.  the app post the xml to foxweb. FoxWeb, takes the xml, turns it into a cursor, then, upon success, the fwx script, does:
the app reads the success reponse and does its thing on the user's end.
Also, there is a Portal system, (other pages) where employees, and users, and customers can view their invoices, have a shopping cart, etc..
some employees that are NOT using the xml scripts at all (and they cannot), are seeing the "success" from another script.
1- POS app posts xml to SyncDBF.fwx
2- SyncDBF.fwx processes the xml and does respone.write("success")
user: navigates the portal and accesses PreviousOrders.fwx 
users: seeing "success" (once in a while).
they sent me a snap shot of the webpage, which is the url has previousorders.fwx, and the only fwx EVER on that server that has "success" as response.write is SyncDBF.fwx
what should I do?