Date:  08/28/2012 09:24:13 AM Msg ID:  004504
From:  Jeff Grippe Thread:  004504
Subject:  Virtual Server and FoxWeb
We did a P2V conversion of our FoxWeb server and it is now running as a VM. For the most part it works well but we have an issue related to connecting to our file server which we did not have when FoxWeb (and IIS) were running on a physical box.
In the error log, we will see error 1, which is ...does not exist.
The statement causing the error is a USE statement and the DBF that it is attempting to USE does exist.
It is an intermittent problem so we are find it hard to diagnose.
Do you have any information about problems with running FoxWeb on a VM?
We are running:
FoxWeb 3.6 
VFP 7 SP 1
  Win Server 2003 SP 2
4 Channels
100 MB Buffer Mem. Size
Thank you for your help