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From:  micromoney micro Thread:  004526
Subject:  Re: Tables em DBF
Sorry, the message is for another forum, JS with DHX, I sent to you guys. I was in need of CRUD in FOXWEB to integrate with the framework of DHX
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The sample scripts contain code that illustrates how to create web based applications that access/modify FoxPro tables. Pay particular attention to the ContactMine sample, which is a simple, but fairly complete app. for maintaining a contacts database.
Other than the fact that they perform similar functions (but with a different backend database), FoxWeb is not related to php at all. I am not sure what your php reference is for.
I also don't understand what you mean by "other banks". Are you referring to data files other than FoxPro databases and tables (for example Microsoft Access)? If yes, the method you would use to access these files is identical to the one you would use from a traditional (non Web-based) FoxPro application.
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I need to connect to Foxpro DBF tables, what should I modify the php scripts to get?
Is there any example of how to connect to other banks not listed