Date:  10/10/2012 06:11:54 PM Msg ID:  004530
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004529
Subject:  Re: JSON Formatting
Are you sure you are using fwJSON.Write? The fwJSON.WriteCursor method adds a Rows and Count properties, but the Write method only outputs existing properties of the objects being serialized (minus the default VFP properties listed in the documentation).
The documentation for ExcludedProperties seems clear enough to me:
The ExcludedProperties property contains a comma-separated list of object properties that are omitted from JSON strings, produced by the Write method. If the object being serialized is based on the VFP's Custom class, then the following properties are omitted by default, so there is no need to include them in ExcludedProperties: Application, BaseClass, Class, ClassLibrary, Comment, ControlCount, Controls, Height, HelpContextId, Left, Name, Objects, Parent, ParentClass, Picture, Tag, Top, WhatsThisHelpId, Width. This property is read/write. 
Let's say for example that you were serializing an object containing Rows and Count properties. If you wanted to omit these from the JSON string, you would use the following:

fwJSON.ExcludedProperties = "rows,count"

M.JsonString = fwJSON.Write(M.MyObject) 

Note that ExcludedProperties does not affect the WriteCursor method.
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Sent by irace_z28 on 10/10/2012 05:02:00 PM:
I have a JSON string that throws in the properties "count" and "rows" by default using the jwJSON.Write method.
How do I remove those properties?
I looked at the "ExcludedProperties" but the description didn't help and there are no examples.