Date:  10/30/2012 05:07:49 AM Msg ID:  004547
From:  ayn Thread:  004547
Subject:  Troubleshooting in-process components
We are using an in-process component compiled as a DLL and hosted by vfp.  During peak periods the foxweb server will seize and require a restart (channels would become unresponsive beforehand).  We are certain that the custom DLL is causing the problem.  It is instantiated with the createObject() function and is used to provide a string of characters which is marshalled across the COM boundary.

Are there any script techniques or code practices we could use to either isolate the COM so foxweb can handle itself with a channel restart or perhaps configure in the FW environment?

We are also currently looking at using the COM+ component services, to store the COM but still instantiate it the same way within our scripts.  We are hoping this would provide some management of the COM and expose any problems without the foxweb server crashing.

- Windows 2003 SP2 enterprise ed.
- Foxweb 4.6.3
- VFP v7
- IIS 6.0
- No runtime DLL