Date:  01/16/2013 08:12:59 AM Msg ID:  004562
From:  Carlos Fuertes Thread:  004562
Subject:  Alternatives to the QueryString
Hi all,

I'm using in my search script the method of passing the parameter in the Query String this way:

<small><a href="cont_show.fwx?Partenum=<%=STR(crP.parte_num,10)%>"><%=STR(crP.Parte_num,10)%></a></small>

This shows a table with hyperlinked numbers created from the foeld Parte_num.
When I click the Hyperlink, it goes to the cont_show.fwx script passing the Parte_num value in the query string as expected.

The URL showed by the browser is like this:

http://localhost/manteweb/cont_show.fwx?Partenum=       157

The point is that anyone in the browser can now change the number 157 and access to another Work Order and I don't want this can be done, for safety reasons.

My script is prepared to receive the Parte_num as a parameter also, avoiding to be shown in the URL window of the browser, but I don't know how I could exactly send the Server.Transfer("cont_show.fwx",Parte_num)

I have tried creating a button (html or Javascript) but I must be doing something wrong, because the button doesn't wait for me to click on it. Directly shows the page with the Order data in the cell of the table where the button should be shown

Any help would be appreciated