Date:  10/07/2013 08:50:21 AM Msg ID:  004625
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004625
Subject:  problem with formfield function and hash
I am having a problem with the formfield function whenappending a hash to the submit.

I am using the following onsubmit to add a jump hash so that the target page where the form is submitted scrolls to the edited item in a list using a target id.

onsubmit="location.href=this.action+'#FC18';return false;"

This works as expected as far as the jump is concerned. However, all the formfields return empty values. As soon as I remove this function, all formfields work as expected but of course there is no autoscroll.

If I set the return value to true the values are passed but there is no hash so no scroll.

Any idea why this is and what I can do to work around it?