Date:  10/08/2013 01:26:05 PM Msg ID:  004628
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004625
Subject:  Re: problem with formfield function and hash
yes, of course... return true solves the empty fields but kills the hash amend. I got around this another way so for now it's moot. Thank you.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/07/2013 10:13:57 AM:
The "return false" at the end of your onSubmit event handler would prevent the form from being submitted, so I am not sure how anything works. If you would like to simply change the action of the form before submission, without preventing submission, you should remove the return statement, or return true. 
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Sent by Steve Moore on 10/07/2013 08:50:21 AM:
I am having a problem with the formfield function whenappending a hash to the submit.

I am using the following onsubmit to add a jump hash so that the target page where the form is submitted scrolls to the edited item in a list using a target id.

onsubmit="location.href=this.action+'#FC18';return false;"

This works as expected as far as the jump is concerned. However, all the formfields return empty values. As soon as I remove this function, all formfields work as expected but of course there is no autoscroll.

If I set the return value to true the values are passed but there is no hash so no scroll.

Any idea why this is and what I can do to work around it?