Date:  01/25/2014 08:20:12 PM Msg ID:  004659
From:  Joe Goldsmiith Thread:  004653
Subject:  Re: FIOS with Verizon ActionTec Router
Hi Ali.
Actually, I got a Verizon FIOS business account with 5 static IPs. Needless to say, this has been a cluster **** with Verizon. They sell 5 static IPs with no idea how to set up the router. ActionTec referred me to Verizon and I was caught in the middle. After several hours I finally got 1 of two questions answered. Then the router crashed.
 I got 1 IP fixed through the NAT working fine and then got RDP to work. Basically, one would set up Static NAT where the WAN side is a static IP address and maps to a fixed LAN IP such as When setting up I added ports 80 for HTTP and 3839 for RDP. All was well.
I then tried to set up the second IP through Static NAT the exact same way  to another server and then nothing worked.
 FIOS is great but it's hard to understand how they can sell something an not know how to support it.
Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 01/25/2014 06:35:36 AM:
Did they give you 1 Static IP?
How are you RDP'ing from the outside? using the IP of the server or the Gateway IP of the router?
I would check what IP is the server is broadcasting (
and what is the gateway IP of the router.
Try to connect using the Gateway of the router if the server has an internal IP asssigned to its internal nick card ex ( or etc..) vs having a static IP with a real ISP IP on the nic card.
I hope that makes sense and that is helpful.
Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 01/17/2014 08:20:19 AM:
 After a week of trial and error along with calls to Verizon support I have aged a bit more. I am switching from my 10 year old T1 to business FIOS and finally got static IPs to work and this seems to work very well. The only problem is that I cannot get Remote Data Connection (RDC) to work.
I have configured the Verizon M1424WR router to port forward 3389 through TCP and UDP and can nicely run RDC from the LAN side but not from the WAN side. I have tried every which way without success. Might anyone know how to get this done?