Date:  05/01/2014 06:42:35 AM Msg ID:  004688
From:  Martin Martin Thread:  004688
Subject:  _fwsession.FPT
I'm still having problem with this file. (_fwsession.FPT)
2 times a mount / the server  give the error :
FoxWeb Foundation Program
"here is not enough disk space for c:\foxtempfiles\_fwsession.fpt." and "Memory file is invalid."
Then I have to locate the file, wich is over 2Gig, STOP FOXWEB SERVICES, and  delete DBF,CDX and FPT.
then restart the services ... and everything is back to normal.
I have approximately 300 login per day, and create session in same times.
Users stay all day long on the server.
Do you have a way to self maintain this file?
Thanks for your help