Date:  06/16/2014 07:39:45 AM Msg ID:  004699
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004699
Subject:  Foxweb already started...
 On one of our server, we are running 2008 R2, foxweb is working great.
however, when i open the foxweb control panel, it says "Start" even though it is started.
it is running as service. Even when i right-click on foxweb control and say "run as admin"
however on our other server 2012, its working like it should.  and that's set as service as well.
I am remoting into the server (both of them actually) using RDP
how can that be fixed.
ps: foxweb 4.5 on both (2008 r2 and 2012)
VFP9 SP2 on both

everythig check under configuration except: Full Paths in URLs and Keep PRG (both are not checked)


I am curious if i have to be logged in using the same username as the one that installed it (Administrator) vs my admin normal username.


the server 2012 i am logging in as Administrator, where the other one is my regular username with "Admin powers"