Date:  07/09/2014 12:01:33 AM Msg ID:  004706
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004705
Subject:  Re: first program
The Setup and First Steps page in the documentation shows how to test the FoxWeb installation, by calling some of the sample scripts that come with FoxWeb. If you are having trouble calling scripts, the Troubleshooting/Common Problems page may prove helpful; otherwise, please post the problem details in this forum, so that we can provide assistance. The Tech Support page lists the type of information we would be looking for.
To get starting with script development, I suggest you read some of the pages in the Getting Started and Programming Guidelines sections of the documentation, and also examine the samples scripts -- especially the Contact Mine sample code.
The FoxWeb script extension is .fwx.
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Sent by Benny Gabel on 07/08/2014 07:21:58 AM:
How do I know if I setup Foxweb properly? Any indicator?
I am new in FoxWeb.
What is the best way to start?
What extension do the files has to be with?
How to call them?
Is there any book I can use as reference?