Date:  11/25/2014 09:31:13 PM Msg ID:  004749
From:  Joe Goldsmiith Thread:  004738
Subject:  Re: Browser back page button crashing FoxWeb
By crashing I get the messages "FoxWeb TImed Out" or "No Channels Active." This never used to happen. With IE, Chrome, and FireFox on a Mac it happens infrequently. It seems to happen more frequently on a Windows 8 machine. FoxWeb does not restart and I have to go to the Control Center to stop and restart FoxWeb, sometimes numerous times a day. In ether case the error is not logged in the Error Log tab and I cannot find fw_start.log even after doing a search.
The main server is a Windows Server 2003 with FoxWeb 3.6 but also happens when switching  to Windows Server 2012 Standard with FoxWeb running FoxWeb 4.6.3
Here is what happens randomly:
1. Users log into my app and if verified I use 5 session.setvar to hold information about the user to verify user on each page using session.GetVar.
2. A user will then navigate to a couple of pages to view information on each page.
3. At some point the user hits the browser's back arrow and I have to restart FoxWeb. Again, this seems to happen mostly on Windows 8 with either of the three browsers.
Thinking that FoxWeb might be losing it's session variable I placed response.write(request.servervariables("HTTP_COOKIE")) at the top of each page. However, when FoxWeb times out I cannot see if the HTTP_COOKIE was present.
 Any ideas?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/19/2014 01:51:33 PM:
I'm not sure what you mean by "crashing FoxWeb". Are you referring to individual channels hanging and being restarted? If yes, then the back action is causing a request to be sent to the server and that request appears to be causing an error in one or more of your scripts, causing the channel to hang. This will usually not be logged in the FoxWeb error log, but should have an associated entry in fw_start.log, indicating that the FoxWeb Channel Controller restarted the channel after it was unresponsive for longer than the script timeout.
Moreover, if users refresh the problem page multiple times, they can cause a temporary situation where FoxWeb has no available channels, because they are all in an unresponsive state, but still within the script timeout.
For potential causes of channels hanging, check Illegal Commands and Troubleshooting Page/Common Problems (first two items under the Running Programs section) in the FoxWeb documentation.
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Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 11/18/2014 11:21:17 AM:
 Starting back about a couple of months ago my users have been crashing FoxWeb receiving the black broker message. The cause of this seems to be when users on a page press the browser's back page button on any browser and on either a PC or Apple. No error was logged in the Control Center.
I use Session.GetVar on every page to keep track of who has logged in and what they are able to see on a page. I have used this technique for many years without problem and just toss in this feature as a thought to explore. I really don't think this causes the issue.
Has anyone else encountered the issue of the browser back page button and if so was there a fix?