Date:  01/16/2015 01:04:48 PM Msg ID:  004772
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004771
Subject:  Re: Can I reserve foxweb channels
Sorry, but this is not a supported use case and I can't think of any hacks to support it either. Maybe you could run a second server instance in a virtual machine? This would remove the need to provision a second physical server.
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Sent by Steve Moore on 01/16/2015 01:00:45 PM:
I have certain Ajax requests triggered from dynamic javascript which typically require almost no processing time (tiny tiny fractions of a second). During periods of high activity, channels may be handling multiple requests that require 100000x the processing load and as a result, these tiny requests may be held in the que waiting for other channels to clear. I would like to keep one channel open to handle these requests.
Is there a way to direct incoming requests to certain foxweb channels? For instance, if I had a 6 channel configuration is there a way to send 'normal' requests to the first 5 channels while reserving channel 6 for specific scripts?

I'm assuming there's no way to have two different copies of foxweb running on one server.
One brute force approach would be two machines but the requests in question need to avoid cross domain calls (they would need to originate from the same domain as 'normal' requests). And having a separate server just for these requests seems a waste.