Date:  02/18/2015 09:57:24 PM Msg ID:  004777
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004776
Subject:  Re: Puting DB on the web
FoxWeb is not the right solution for you, if you want to keep using your existing desktop application. It enables the development of web-based applications, using the Visual FoxPro language and able to access VFP data. You could re-use your existing data access code, but you would have to rewrite the user interface.
One solution that may work for you is to switch to a SQL server back-end and modify your data access code to work against that instead of your existing VFP tables. 
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Sent by Art Lieberman on 02/18/2015 06:58:26 PM:
I have a desktop application that's several years old. It's in a Windows environment. I now want to allow multiple users around the country to share the data. I'm thinking the easiest approach would be to leave the application on the desktops, but put the databases on the web. How might I use FoxWeb to do this? (I'm new to FoxWeb.) How would this be done with minimal changes to my programs, yet keep the db access efficient?

Also, I don't want the responsibilities of hosting the databases, myself, so they would have to live on a publicly available web host.  Do you know of any?
Thank you for your help. 
Art Lieberman