Date:  03/31/2015 01:05:18 PM Msg ID:  004787
From:  Gerard Clark Thread:  004776
Subject:  Re: Puting DB on the web
Hi Art,  
I'm not sure if you are still looking for a solution to this.  But if you are,  the quickest way, IMHO,  is by signing up for free-tier developer account on Amazon AWS EC2 - and try a windows w/ IIS web virtual server from their server OS selection.  Mine costs me $4 a month right now, and this does well for both desktop and web apps - on one instance.  This service allows you to create a Windows 200X virtual server,  whatever flavor, running on the internet, w/i a few key clicks.  You'll be ready to run any desktop app, and/or FoxWeb or Rapidapp (also Fox) from the same fully shared DBF dataset - since they'll both be running in same place 'in the cloud' - and multiple people can be logged in to run desktop apps, via RDP, or hitting the IIS web server on same machine, which is connected to FoxWeb, and connected to the internet.  
Now if you install FoxWeb on this same virtual server,  it is now running from the exact same single source of DBF tables, and already connected to the Internet, live!  With each new Virtual server at Amazon, you get an IP address, to which your domain name points,  and the user/pw creds to login.  It is no different than having another Windows server to access over the web or next to you.  Full GUI, and screen size adapts to yours.
Now comes the question of,  RDP licensing and concurrent users, as the people that need to use the desktop app,  need to connect to this same Windows virtual server at Amazon, in order to do that desktop app work.  The # of RDP/concurrent users might be a limitation for you, but what is nice with Amazon, is that you can notch up your CPU/memory/HD space resources on the fly,  if you do need more horsepower.  Not to mention clone your services, make backup images etc. very easily.
I'd be curious to know what you end up doing.
You might also want to try out as complement to FoxWeb. It is a Visual Foxpro web app builder,  you upload Foxpro/DBase DBFs/FPT/CDX/DBC in a zip,  or just DBF one at a time, or Access MDB files,  and it will automatically generate very useful live relational db app that can be easily tweeked via browser to arrive at custom looks and VFP code injection.  I consider it a perfect complement to FoxWeb,  as they can share data,  and each has its specialty.  I wish they'd just bundle the two.  Try the 'upload here' link.
Good luck with putting DB on the web. 
best regards,
Gerard Clark 
Sent by Art Lieberman on 02/18/2015 06:58:26 PM:
I have a desktop application that's several years old. It's in a Windows environment. I now want to allow multiple users around the country to share the data. I'm thinking the easiest approach would be to leave the application on the desktops, but put the databases on the web. How might I use FoxWeb to do this? (I'm new to FoxWeb.) How would this be done with minimal changes to my programs, yet keep the db access efficient?

Also, I don't want the responsibilities of hosting the databases, myself, so they would have to live on a publicly available web host.  Do you know of any?
Thank you for your help. 
Art Lieberman