Date:  08/23/2016 08:05:37 AM Msg ID:  004842
From:  FoxWebUser1998 Thread:  004840
I agree. I expected to see FoxWeb's own error-handler.
In my scenario, my browser shows "Waiting for localhost".  FoxWeb produces no initial, error message, and the channel times-out with the FoxWeb message: "FoxWeb Message The FoxWeb service has returned the following message:
Foxweb Timed Out--" 
08/23/2016 08:51:45 Restarting Channel 2
08/23/2016 08:54:17 Killed Channel 2: /setgeocountryaaaa@cc-service.fwx [ALTERED SCRIPT -- I ADDED "aaaa" in URL bar]
08/23/2016 08:54:24 Restarting Channel 2  
I've worked-around using FW_start, but because there are no errors, there is no ther information I can provide.  
The problem is the same on "Localhost" development and on Windows Server 8 R2, but had same experience on Windows Server 2003. 
Sent by FoxWebsupport on 08/23/2016 01:40:20 AM:
Channels should not be hanging when a non-existent script is requested in the URL. What exactly are you experiencing? 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by FoxWebUser1998 on 08/22/2016 12:32:23 PM:
What is the easiest way to prevent FoxWeb from hanging a channel while trying to run a non-existent script if someone alters the url string?  For example, if the URL "...Finduser.fwx" was changed to "...Findme.fwx" where "...Findme.fwx" does not exist? I created a file-list that is searched by Fw_enter, but is there something easier than listing 100-plus possibilities?