Date:  01/12/2017 07:30:06 PM Msg ID:  004857
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004856
Subject:  Re: Windows 10 Cracks
 The issues you describe are definitely caused by incompatible browser side (HTML or javascript) code. You listed the symptoms (unexpected values returned by Session.GetVar), but the problem is probably in the content you are sending to the browser -- otherwise you would not be experiencing different behavior with other browsers.
I guess it's also possible that the first issue is caused by the browser not being configured to accept cookies, so you should also verify this by making sure that the value returned by Session.GetSessionID() does not vary from request to request.
If the session ID does not change, then both issues are caused by incompatible client-side code. I suggest that you use the browser's developer tools (usually F12) to see if there are any client script errors and to also examine the data traveling back and forth. You can also try to validate your HTML and JS through one of the many on-line validators.
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Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 01/12/2017 05:44:43 PM:
I suppose it had to happen sometime.
For years everything was working fine with any OS and browser. All of a sudden a few scripts created three years ago and never changed started to not work. Those with OS X of any version and any version of Windows from 8 on prior works fine. Windows 10 worked well until three weeks ago, or so, caused this script to fail. Perhaps it was due to a new update.
Issues fall into two categories
The first issue is Session.GetVar not receiving a Session.SetVar. Using response.write I can see it created at the parent script. On the child script the GetVar is blank using response.write. Until I noticed the issue it had updated all records in the same field due to the blank GetVar.
The second issue is in a form where the submit button shows pressed but nothing happens. It did not freeze, it just sat there even after a few submit clicks.
Every script still works with OS X and Windows 8 along with prior versions, it's just lately with Windows 10. Might anyone have also experienced this issue and perhaps found a fix?