Date:  05/03/2018 08:14:46 PM Msg ID:  004946
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004942
Subject:  Re: ASPSmartMail
Here's the code:


<BODY BGCOLOR="white">


<H1>aspSmartMail : Sample 1</H1>



mySmartMail =CREATEOBJECT("aspSmartMail.SmartMail")


*SMTP Mail Server

mySmartMail.Server = ""



mySmartMail.SenderName = "Your Name"

mySmartMail.SenderAddress = ""



mySmartMail.Recipients.Add("", "Friend's name")



mySmartMail.Subject = "aspSmartMail Sample 1"

mySmartMail.Body = "This mail has been sent with aspSmartMail."


* Capture send errors

SendFailed = .F.

OldErr = ON("ERROR")

ON ERROR SendFailed = .T.


*Send the message



* Reset error handler


IF SendFailed

Response.write("Failed to send e-mail.  The error message was:<br>" + MESSAGE())


Response.write("An e-mail has just been sent to " + mySmartMail.Recipients.Item(1).Name)





FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 05/03/2018 06:39:00 AM:
&nbsp;I wanted to have a look at ASPSmartMail but do not seems to have a sample directory in FoxWeb folder. Can someone post the code in the SmartMail sample for me to look over or email the sample to me?