Date:  10/20/2018 01:36:09 PM Msg ID:  004966
From:  screenman47 Thread:  004966
Subject:  Windows Server 2016 - Setup
 I have been running Foweb 2.6 and 4 for 15 years on ever increasing server types but currently Windows Server 2008 server but I am trying to transfer to a 2016 server instead. Are there any setup instructions as I have turned on just about everything and it still will not work. During the install I received a message saying that I have to turn on several items but they are turned on and installed as well as some others that probably not required.
Foxweb control has got precisely the same settings as the existing except for adding in a server name in the Virtual Servers tab.The fwx files are in the same folder - c:\foxweb\programs.
I thought it was supposed to be easier after the fiddling around we have with the 2008 setup.