Date:  12/27/2018 06:31:12 PM Msg ID:  004969
From:  Art Bergquist Thread:  004969
Subject:  Error running ContactMine2/Contact.FWx
When I go to https://<URL>/ContactMine2/Contact.FWx on an existing FoxWeb server, it works fine.
When I go to http://<URL>/ContactMine2/Contact.FWx on a new FoxWeb server (on a different Windows machine/server), I get the following error:
There was an error during the interpretation of your request
Error #:      1
Message:   File 'footertext.prg' does not exist.
Program:   c:\users\public\documents\foxweb\scripts\contactmine2\contact.fxp
Line #:   73
Line:   =FooterText()
even though FooterText.prg is in the same folder as Contact.FWx (viz., C:\Users\Public\Documents\FoxWeb\Scripts\ContactMine2).
This seems like a pathing issue; C:\Users\Public\Documents\FoxWeb\Scripts\ is specified as the Default program root in the Virtual Servers tab of the FoxWeb Control Center so that's set.
What else should I check?
Art Bergquist