Date:  05/01/2019 05:48:01 PM Msg ID:  004979
From:  Art Bergquist Thread:  004976
Subject:  Re: Single Page Applications
Thanks (sorry for the late reply, I evidently haven't been on the forum for several weeks and the e-mail notification apparently doesn't work).
Sent by FoxWebUser1998 on 04/03/2019 04:00:33 PM:
 You can use Javascript to validate form input before using Javascript to submit the form data to your foxweb script. This could be done with numerous scripts and forms on a single page. Note that the submit button is outside of the form, and calls a javascript function when clicked. The function in term checks that the fields are not empty before submitting the form; otherwise, an alert.
A VERY simple example:
function CheckBio(){
var fname = document.getElementById("name");
var sname = document.getElementById("surname);
if (fname.length > 0 and sname.length > 0){
document.getElementById("bio").submit; // Submit form to fowxweb script
alert("Check Bio form data");
<form id="bio" name="bio" action="getbio@thispage.fwx" method="post">
<input type="text" name="name" value="" />
<input type="text" name="surname" value="" />
<input type="button" onclick="CheckBio();">Submit Info</button>
<%procedure getbio
*Whatever procedures you need
*to create,update,delete,edit
*can exist somewhere on your page 
Sent by Art Bergquist on 03/16/2019 03:40:09 PM:
Hi, all.
Has anyone implemented a Single Page Application with FoxWeb?  I'm implementing a web page that allows a user to to maintain (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Customers as well as maintain multiple Transactions for each customer.
I was wondering if anyone has tips to simplify implementing a Single Page Application with FoxWeb.
Art Bergquist