Date:  10/24/2019 05:16:34 PM Msg ID:  004999
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004998
Subject:  Re: fw_exit
Editing html_out would only work if you are using html_out to send data to the browser. If you are using Response.Write, or fwx files, then you need to update Response.OutputBuffer. Note that this is only possible if you enable buffering by setting Response.Buffer to true.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Martin Martin on 10/23/2019 05:59:42 PM:
is it possible to replace some stuff in the final version of the output? 
I saw this in you documentation, is it still functionnal? 

IF 'foxweb.exe/old_name' $ M.Html_Out
  html_out = STRTRAN(M.Html_Out,'foxweb.exe/old_name','foxweb.exe/new_name')

look like old version of foxweb. 
What do you suggest in version 4 ? 
thank you