Document Conventions

Typographic Conventions

The following conventions are used in syntax definitions:

Auth.Logout In syntax, words in bold are FoxWeb keywords.
cHeader In syntax, words in italics are placeholders for information you supply or for variable names.
[cCookieVar, [nIndex]] In syntax, brackets enclose optional items.
property|method In syntax, a vertical bar separates two mutually exclusive choices.
[, Field2 ...] In syntax, an ellipsis indicates that an item can be repeated in a list any number of times. A comma separates the list items.

Argument Data Types

Arguments are preceded with a letter indicating their data type. The following data types are defined:

Data Type Prefix Example
Character c cFieldName
Numeric n nInstance
Date d dExpires
DateTime or Date t tExpires
Array a aFormFields
Logical l lFlag

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