The fwAdmin Script

The internal fwAdmin script provides a way to run certain administrative functions remotely from a Web browser. Although fwAdmin does not exist as a stand-alone fwx file, it can be called just like any regular script, using either script-mapped or conventional URLs as described in the Calling FoxWeb Scripts section of the Locating and Addressing Scripts topic. With script-mapped URLs, the syntax to call fwAdmin is http://[ServerName]/fwAdmin.fwx.

The fwAdmin script is password protected and can be disabled altogether. In order to run fwAdmin you must first populate the Admin. UserID and Admin. Password settings in the FoxWeb Control Center. If these settings are not populated, then fwAdmin is disabled.

The fwAdmin script provides the following functions:

System Info Returns information about the server, including software version numbers, various paths and the list of virtual hosts configured on the server.
Error Log Links to the fwError script, which can be used to view the FoxWeb Error Log over the Web. This link will only work if fwError is located in the fwError subdirectory of the FoxWeb Program Root.
Channel Status Displays status information for all FoxWeb channels. The link simply calls the fwChannels internal script.
Compile Scripts Facilitates batch compilation of fwx and prg scripts on your server. This function is particularly useful for servers that are running with the VFP run-time DLL.
Run VFP Code Allows administrators to run ad-hoc VFP code on the server and send output to the browser. This can be used to run simple administrative tasks remotely.

In addition to the above functions, fwAdmin contains links to the FoxWeb Web site, as well as to the latest documentation on the Web.

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