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Latest Version: 4.7

For information on the new features included in this version refer to the What's New page and the documentation.

Download FoxWeb 4 (Readme file)

Installation Instructions

  1. Log into Windows with administrative rights.
  2. Make sure you have VFP and the web server software installed and functioning properly (technically it is not required that you have VFP installed on the server, but it makes it a bit simpler to develop and test your scripts).
  3. Close and uninstall previous instances of FoxWeb if they are older than version 3.0. Restart if necessary.
  4. Run the setup program and follow the directions on the screen.
  5. Read the readme file for last minute information.
  6. Run the FoxWeb Control Center to configure FoxWeb.
  7. Proceed to the Setup and Configuration page of the FoxWeb documentation.


Switching to a different version of VFP
In order to switch to a different version of VFP you will need to run the FoxWeb setup program from the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel. Select the Switch VFP Version option and pick the desired version from the list. Important: If you change to a different version of VFP, it is very important that you recompile all your scripts. FXP files that were compiled with a different version of VFP may still function, but in most cases behave erratically.

Installing over previous versions
You may not run FoxWeb 4 alongside previous versions on the same computer. If you wish to revert back to your old version, you will have to uninstall FoxWeb 4 and reinstall that version.

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