New Features in FoxWeb 4

Support for newer versions of Windows
Several changes were required in many different areas in order to support newer versions of Windows.

Create AJAX Applications
The new fwJSON object makes it easier to develop AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) applications. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, commonly used in AJAX development. The new Zip Code Search sample script illustrates the use of fwJSON in conjunction with client-side JavaScript code to facilitate simple AJAX functions.

PDF Creation and Distribution
The new fwPDF object makes it a snap to create and serve PDF files from your FoxWeb applications. It contains functionality that facilitates the translations of Postscript files to PDF format and takes care setting the HTTP headers required for transferring PDF files to Web browsers. New sample scripts illustrate this functionality.

Authentication Enhancements
The enhancements in this version give developers more control over authentication and make it easier to create elegant password-protected sites that vary their content and behavior, depending on the login status of each user.

Error Handling and Error Logging Improvements
Some of the enhancements in this area make it much easier for ASPs and other large organizations to keep separate error logs for each virtual host.

Miscellaneous Improvements

New Features in FoxWeb 3

In addition to a large number of performance and compatibility improvements, FoxWeb 3 offers the following new features:

FoxWeb Administration Script
The new FoxWeb Administration script (fwAdmin.fwx) provides a number of functions, including System Information, a link to the Error Log Viewer, channel status, the ability to compile scripts on the server even if it's running with the VFP Run-Time DLL, and the ability to run code interactively on the server.

Script Compilation Enhancements
Up until version 2, FoxWeb required scripts to be compiled by a full version of VFP. Users running their servers with the VFP Run-Time DLL were required to manually compile their scripts on a different computer using a largely manual process whenever they made changes to the source code. The new version removes this restriction for servers running VFP 6 Service Pack 3 and above. It also provides a variety of tools that aid administrators in compiling scripts both locally and remotely.

Send Email with the ASPSmartMail SMTP Component
FoxWeb 3 includes the ASPSmartMail is an SMTP control, which can be used to send e-mail from FoxWeb scripts and other programs that support COM controls.

Cookie-less sessions

Authentication object enhancements

Improved Channel Management

Error Logging

FoxWeb Setup

Miscellaneous Improvements

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