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The following is a list of some of the features of FoxWeb. For a full description of these features and to find out what's new in the latest version refer to the FoxWeb Documentation.

Easy Programming:
Code in your familiar FoxPro language. There is no need to learn Visual Basic or a third party scripting language.

FWX Scripting:
FoxWeb provides maximum flexibility by allowing the programmer to mix server-side script code and HTML in a single FWX script. Older versions of FoxWeb provided the MergeTxt function, which facilitated the inclusion of expressions within HTML templates. The new FWX functionality is significantly more powerful than the old merge templates, because it enables the use of structured programming -- not just expressions.

Bulletproof Security:
FoxWeb supports several password and domain-based authentication schemes to keep unauthorized users away from your data and programs. The Auth object can be used to easily control access to individual FoxWeb scripts.

Blazingly fast data access:
FoxWeb uses Visual FoxPro's native data access engine, which blows away the competition when it comes to accessing local data. FoxWeb will even outperform SQL based server products in most cases. Other Web data access solutions use ODBC, which is much slower than FoxPro.

Being the first Web application development environment for FoxPro, and having been tested on hundreds of servers word-wide since 1994, FoxWeb has evolved into an extremely stable product that will function under the most adverse conditions. FoxWeb's unique Channel Monitor technology ensures that your mission-critical application will stay up even if your programs contain bugs that would cause other products to crash.

Full error logging:
All errors caused by FoxWeb scripts are logged in a table for debugging purposes. They can be viewed using the FoxWeb Error Log Viewer.

Return Content to the Browser During Execution:
FoxWeb supports sending content to the browser during script execution. This feature can improve the perceived execution speed of your scripts, by presenting partial output to the user. This feature can be overridden on a script-by-script basis using the FoxWeb API.

International character support:
FoxWeb supports accented and other international characters found at the upper part of the ASCII table.

Compatible with all web servers:
FoxWeb is not dependent on proprietary protocols and can work with any Windows based CGI or ISAPI server.  This means that if in the future you wish to switch to a different server your programs will run without modification.

FoxWeb Control Center provides easy administration:
The powerful FoxWeb Control Center provides easy access to all administrative functions of FoxWeb, including configuration, server control, and examination of the Error Log.

Easier Configuration of Virtual Servers:
FoxWeb supports separate program roots and global procedures for each virtual server, making it a snap to configure on Web servers that host multiple sites. This feature is particularly useful for ISPs wishing to provide FoxWeb services.

True multi-threading:
Multiple scripts files can be run at the same time by opening multiple FoxWeb channels.


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